Cornell Mann is the founder of Great Western Real Estate Co. He has over 25 years experience in the business. He is fully committed to fulfilling his clients needs with the highest level of professionalism and expertise. Cornell speaks English & Romanian

Office: 503.255-7775
Mobile: 503.939.7146


Cris Marin has a vast experience in the business. He has a great commitment to the highest ethical and professional standards. His personal commitment extends far beyond a single point of sale. Cris speaks English and Romanian.

Office: 503.255.7775
Mobile: 503.816.9493

Monica Carp is committed to her clients needs. Her superb communication and enthusiastic attitude helps her clients fully understand each phase of the transaction. Monica speaks English & Romanian.

Office: 503.255.7775
Mobile: 503.481.8161


Vic Niiya is dedicated to providing the highest quality of personal service to meet your real estate needs. He strives to establish an environment of trust, mutual respect and professionalism with every client.

Office: 503.255.7775 
Mobile: 503.475.7700


John Vandermeer II has years of knowledge in construction and real estate. His relationships are built on trust, outstanding service, and support enabling you to make sound, timely and secure real estate decisions for yourself and your family.

Office: 360.694.3355
Mobile: 503.998.9338


Dragos Tavirlau brings a wealth of knowledge to the business. His enthusiasm and positive attitude will assure a smooth and efficient transaction. Dragos speaks English & Romanian. 

Mobile: 503.984.3485


With Ana Popovici you’re not just getting your basic real estate agent. Ana goes above and beyond the know-how and experience. She is extremely knowledgeable in all of your real estate needs! Ana speaks English & Romanian.

Office: 503.255.7775 
Mobile: 503.750.2740


Tanya Kotsyubchuck's success is attributed to her dedication to represent all her clients professionally and genuinely. She values her clients' time and respects the fact that every clients' needs are unique. Her vast experience has made her develop a true passion for real estate. Tanya speaks English & Russian.

Office: 503.255.7775
  Mobile: 503.449.9949 


Judy Brasuell has provided service with a smile to all of her clients during the 35+ years of experience in the real estate market. Judy's commitment to sellers and buyers is to provide them with the best experience they will have in real estate transactions.

Office: 503.255.7775
Mobile: 503.784.3474


Bob Marson

Office: 503.255.7775
Mobile: 503.890.2220


Adriana Luca has 7 years experience in Real Estate Sales. She is specialized in the West Linn, Lake Oswego areas.

Office: 503.255.7775
Mobile: 503.740.7835 


Patrick Ormiston

Office: 503.953.0672
Mobile: 503.519.7660


Victoria Pukhalsky

Office: 503.255.7775
Mobile: 503.705.1722


Connie Nelmes

Office: 503.255.7775
Mobile: 971.312.5520

Speaks Mandarin Chinese & Taiwanese


Felicia Noel

Office: 503.255.7775
Mobile: 503.701.0488


Office: 503.255.7775

Martha Grover: 971.533.9696
Frani Grover: 503.998.6149
Ana Linden: 503.964.0617



Martha Grover has logged countless hours working with first-time home buyers while having obtained a Master’s degree in creative writing, and an English degree. Her strong writing skills and deep ties to the art community help grow the Grover Team’s contacts all over the city.

Elsie Frani Grover has over 20 years experience helping clients buy and sale property in Oregon and Washington. Frani knows what needs to be done to sell a house, even in a tough market, and what a buyer needs to get a leg up on the competition.

Ana Linden graduated with a degree in Business and Accounting from Portland State University. Provides first-hand experience with multi-generational living, rural properties and helping clients through difficult, complicated transactions. 


Daniel Belza

Office: 503.255.7775
Mobile: 360.953.9933


Romi Botez

Office: 503.255.7775
Mobile: 503.519.7660



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